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Water Saving Systems


Shower Regulator

30% saving
12 lt/min
40% saving
10 lt/min
50% saving
9 lt/min
60% saving
8 lt/min
70% saving
6 lt/min
80% saving
4 lt/min

Application Places

Pressure Balancing System. Patented Pressure Compensation technology eliminates undesirable high water pressure, providing optimum performance according to the current pressure. Thanks to the system, the flow rate of the flowing water is reduced by changing the speed and pressure of the water, reducing the amount of water flowing per unit time and saving water.

Ideal For Mass Use Areas. It provides effective shower opportunity with much less water consumption, especially in places where daily usage intensity and unit consumption are high for general use.

Compatible with All Battery Types. Installation is so easy that no professional plumber is required. It is installed between the coil and the spiral hose.

Features of our products

1- They are thermoplast.
2- It is resistant to +100 Cº temperature.
3- Provides up to 90% water savings.
4- It helps to protect the environment by reducing the emission of carbon gases with heat savings.
5- Since it does not contain metal, it is resistant to rust and lime.
6- Shower regulators are brass chrome plated, stainless.
7- It does not contain any harmful substances to human health and the environment.
8- It pays for its cost in a very short time.
9- It is guaranteed for 5 years.

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