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Water Saving Systems

Water is life

From the smallest living organism to the largest living creature, it is water, which is our most important source of food for us to sustain our life, keeping all biological life and all human activities alive. Water is life. Water covers 3/4 of our world. Water constitutes 60% of our body. Only 2.5% of the world's water is fresh water. 70% of this is found in glaciers, soil, atmosphere, groundwater and is unusable. Due to the rapid increase in the population and the constant water resources, the need for water is increasing day by day.

Per capita water consumption in the world is around 800 m3 per year on average. 1.4 billion people, corresponding to approximately 20% of the world population, are deprived of sufficient drinking water, and 2.3 billion people long for healthy water. In addition, by 2050, the number of countries suffering from water shortages will increase to 54, and the number of people who have to live under these conditions will increase to 3.76 billion. This will mean that 40% of the world population, which is expected to be 9.4 billion in 2050, will have water shortages. To be considered as a country rich in water, the amount of water per capita per year at least 8000-10000 should be between m3 and Turkey is not a country rich in water. the annual amount of water per capita in Turkey is 1,430 m3.

Every year, 2 million people, mostly children, die of unsuitable water use and poor hygienic conditions.

We cannot end by explaining the importance of water in our lives. What we need to do is to leave a sip of water that can be used for our tomorrow by using every drop of our existing water resources consciously and properly.

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